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About Us

7Cs Xcellency is founded with a vision to provide consultancy and counseling services to corporate and individuals. It enables and empowers corporate/ employees/ professionals to have all round excellence. The methodology involved is unique and a HOLISTIC approach is followed to have a long lasting impact or a permanent transformative impact.

We focus on defining a perspective of Crucial and universal aspects which take a person to excellence. The emphasis is on nurturing the roots ( Not visible) and a very little on the outward aspects. At 7Cs Xcellency we believe that a strongly nurtured root will enable the individuals, organisations to blossom, grow and accomplish.

7Cs Xcellency includes aspects like getting present to the possibility of Contentment (experiencing abundance, enthusiasm, security) , Creativity ( effective use of right brain) , Commitment ( will power, passions) , Compassion( forgiveness, acceptance, love) , Communication ( Self expression ), Curiosity ( learning new skills and abilities ), Cosmetology ( connectedness and awareness).

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