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I have known Goyal Saheb for over 10 years now. I met him first during my initial days at Reliance’s Petroleum Retail business in 2002 at a time when I was trying to come to grips with Reliance work culture which was more entrepreneurial as compared to the highly structured and process driven work ethos of Honda Cars, my previous employer. I found in him someone who first helped to calm down my rattled nerves and explained me the context of the way things happen in Reliance. That not only helped me to adapt quickly but also gave me the courage to fearlessly speak my mind on any issue where my views were sought.

Mr Goyal’s positive energy can be felt as soon as you are in his presence. He finds his own satisfaction in making other people happy, helping them overcome their stumbling blocks, giving them a perspective that can help them solve their problems. He has been doing this selflessly during his corporate career. It is perhaps the most logical thing that he has chosen to reach out to a wider audience by setting up 7Cs – Excellency. This will also give him a platform to share with the younger generation, the gift of providing healing and providing motivation, that Alimghty Lord has bestowed on him.

I have personally reached out to him whenever I have had a moral or a career dilemma and have thanked my luck that he has been around. I am delighted that he did take the plunge to set this company up.

My current company and the several students we deal with will surely benefit from his organisation. I wish him luck and am sure that the good he gives to others, would come back to him in more ways than one.

Rajiv R Gupta
CEO – EGE Global Education (
[Earlier, VP – Channel Mgt (Petro Retail Mktg), Reliance Industries]

Dear Ajay,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Hallmark of a Good Leader are;

  • Delivers performance
  • Develops his people to be next Leader

Ajay Goyal is one such individual, whom I have come across, encompasses both these qualities fully.

I have an association of nearly two decades with Ajay Goyal. My first experience was when we were putting up a large mega project of grass root Refinery at Reliance, Jamnagar. Ajay was associated with me. He set up the whole system of Budget controls, Management Profit, Yield and Performance, Measurement, for the whole of the complex. Whosoever worked with him, he gave full opportunity and exposure to develop to end. As a result, all those youngsters are now heading one or the other function with an independent responsibility of a large organisation. In my view, very few could have done that. Ajay always took new challenges, delivered them and developed the team working with him.

I understand, now he has taken up an inspirational task of developing the young Executives. In fact, for him this a Mission to develop youngsters. Building skills is a contribution to our Society. I have no doubt in my mind that he will achieve his Mission.

I wish him all the best.

V K Gandhi
Group President ( HR and Commercial) , Reliance Industries

"It is amazing that you have undertaken such a noble work and doing it so selflessly.

I have indeed benefited from my numerous informal discussions with you and the fire that kinda diminishes in this dog-eat-dog world with its impersonalism has again been re-kindled.

Am sure you will benefit many people with your coaching and help them achieve their optimal efficiency helping them improve professionally and personally both.

I have especially benefited from the EFT,5 Petrol tanki and the Process Sheet ( contentment/creativity etc) in the testimonials"

God Bless.
Jayant Mathur
Vice President-- Strategy Reliance

"Ajay is an excellent human being and a great coach. I am really fortunate being trained under him for 3 month to groom my leadership skill and I am confident that he will make a real difference in people life."
Ajay Kumar Goenka
Head - Wealth Operations
JM Financial Services Ltd.

"I owe my entire career and where I am today to Mr. Goyal. At a time when I was still trying to find my feet in the world in terms of a career, it was Mr. Goyal who took me under his wings and encouraged me to find what I wanted to do in life.

His faith in my abilities and constant appreciation of work increased my self-belief and faith in myself.

Today I am a member of the Finance Leadership team in Deloitte UK, and without the faith and trust Mr. Goyal put in me all those years ago, I would not be where I am today.

I constantly thank God for having someone like Mr. Goyal in my life and I am sure many others feel the same. I hope he continues to guide and mentor people to help them find their true calling in life."

- By Ashley Noronha, Senior Manager, Deloitte MCS, UK

Dear Goyalji,
It is not only the name but the website and purpose is also excellent. I am not only sure but know it that you can do it because I have seen you all these years and worked with you so closely. We had difference of opinions and different ways of working but that is what makes a healthy atmosphere & makes a system perfect.

I also know that you can rise above all materialistic things to achieve these goals . You have taken this initiative, in itself, is a proof of what I am saying.

Goyalji, this type of coaching or counseling , whatever it may be called is sincerely needed today when we have adopted the consumerism as the theme of our life taken from the elite countries without realizing that we do not have resources for this luxury.

We had been very happy for close to a decade singing songs in our own praise of high growth calling ourselves global engine of growth just on the back of ultra cheap resources coming from those elite countries which were just printing these notes as if there is no difference between currency notes and garbage. Let me tell you Goyalji, this is the high time we advise our corporates and individuals the realities of economy least this demographic boon may turn into bane and I know, to repeat, you can do it.

If you feel that I can be of any use in your adventure, I am available absolutely on complementary basis.

Not a formality but sincerely wishing you all the best in your adventure.

R P Gupta
Vice President (Retired), Reliance Industries Limited

I have known Goyalji since my days in Reliance when I was part of the Commercial team headed by him for the Petroleum Retail Business. I consider myself immensely fortunate for having got an opportunity to work under his leadership which has helped groom me in ways that prepared me for greater challenges in life and career.

An epitome of the democratic and transformational styles of leadership, Goyalji has also displayed characteristics of the people oriented approach. A fantastic gentleman, he has been a source of great inspiration to me. His mental poise and composure in high pressure situations at work was noteworthy. A keen learner, his enthusiasm to study and grasp newer aspects of life and at work is remarkable. I still have very high regards for Goyalji and aspire to get another opportunity to work with him in future.

Prashant Mallya
Assistant Vice President - Finance and Strategy at Wadhawan Holdings Private Limited

“Having known Mr. Ajay Goyal for the past 33 years now, I have seen and known him from very close quarters, not only in the capacity of a fine professional but also as an extremely strong personality (despite his seemingly mild disposition), who radiates a positive energy which one cannot help but be influenced.

As a professional, he always displayed a deep sense of commitment to his role, with a keen and thorough eye for detail, and had been worked tirelessly to create a processes and structures for a new business, which scaled soaring heights in a very short time-frame.

As a colleague, he was most approachable, and empathized with business requirements, and despite various constraints, would always come out with business solutions which were unique, acceptable and solved the problem. Even in the most trying times, his warm and uncanny sense of humor would keep the atmosphere light.

As a friend, my vocabulary fails me in defining this fine human being, whose deep passion for human values and life, touched me and will continue guiding me in numerous positive ways.

In short, he wonderfully manages to do what most aspire for…to influence without authority…and that makes him a very unique mentor and coach”

Kulbhushan Mehra
Sr V P and State Head Reliance Retail Petroleum

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